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I heard about Phenrx from a friend at work and she was definitely looking thinner from week to week so I decided to make it a part of my New Year’s resolution for 2017.

I have tried many weight loss and diet pills and fads in the past and have never really had any luck before ordering my first bottle of phenrx online, but have made up my mind this time to developed healthy habits and patterns to keep the weight off after the in initial diet, supplement and fat loss period.

Beside drinking 3-4 times water and trying to park further away from the doors at stores and work, I have made no major lifestyle changes, maintainable, for a month while taking regular phenrx doses and have lost 15 pounds in 30 days.

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In fairness I had quite a bit of extra weight to lose but have tried tons of similar weight loss medication alternatives like hydroxycut, phen375, phentermine, Phentramin-d and the likes but none of them gave me quite the same results.

Side Effects

I don’t like diet pills because I usually get side effects like headaches, insomnia, anxiety, jitters/shaking and weird sweating problems. I’m pleased to report that Phen RX was really mild in this department, with only 2 headaches at the beginning that went away decently fast (although it seems much longer) and they never recurred. Probably my body adjusting to one of the stimulants or ingredients in Fenphentamine HCL formula.


Results with only minor changes. The fact I lost 15 lbs. in 30 days without many dietary or fitness changes is great. Increased water and physical activity a bit and probably made healthier snack choices subconsciously.

Slight Appetite Suppression. Perhaps this had something to do with it too now that i think of it. I never really remember having my salt or sweet cravings, something that usually hits me by mid-day, funny you don’t really notice this after a while.

NO upset stomach or shakiness. I hated the side effects of shakiness and anxiety with other strong weight loss pills. It was just horrible trying to function at work like that, combined with low blood sugar from a diet and you just want to run.

Price vs results. I am happy with the cost of the product and the results it gave at a normal dosage. I guess everyone wants everything to be cheaper but compared to the other products I’ve tried it is very fair.


The headache side effect that I mentioned above, while not crippling or disorientating, was enough to make me not want to do my daily chores and caused me to treat my husband and childlike crap for a couple hours. So glad this side effect went away fast, as I read in another’s review of phenrx, can’t even imagine having recurring migraines like so many.

Availability: When I first ordered PhenRx online they were out of stock until the next day. I guess this isn’t really the products fault and they have probably learned how to stock up to keep track of spikes in demand on such a potent product, but still annoying when you see the not in stock option while shopping, and actually enough to make you go and buy something else together.

Buying Online / In Stores: Staying on the subject of availability, it would be nice (I do like to online shop) for people to be able to purchase Phenrx in stores like Walmart, CVS, GNC, and those kind of places. I know a lot of my friends would be interested in this product but they aren’t very computer literate people to do the ordering online.

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Will definitely be ordering a second bottle. I was on my way to do that and found this site and figured I’d leave a quick review of phenrx to help those considering it. I don’t leave reviews often or ever that I can remember but can highly recommend this to people that need it or have been looking for a potent pill without the negative potent side effects.

Gentech’s Ampheta-CDP Reviewed, Evaluated and Reported on

I am a health nut who will try any herbs, supplements, pills and products that can help me with my fitness, work, education or goals. I go through so many, I rarely leave a review for a pill or product unless they are spectacular, especially for lesser known products. I had read several positive Ampheta-CDP reviews from users online before I decided to buy a couple bottles, so I am returning the favor.

So, I have tried several similar products. The first thing that stood out for me with this one was that it lasted for a long time compared to AdderRX, Addieup, and Profiderall. I would say the majority of these products seem to wear off in a good 2-3 hours after your last dosage and then slowly tapers off. Addtabs however seems to stay in full effect for 4-5 hours and this was great. I liked to split two dosages a day and never 3 because the 3rd would keep me up at night (sleeplessness, weight loss and insomnia when I would take 3x a day was the only negative side effect I experienced, maybe an upset stomach the first time too)

Compared to these others, AddTabz kept its own in its ability to keep you focused and on task. I had to pump out a report for next week’s sales meeting and it took me half the time it normally does. I was less frustrated while creating graphs and charts and then analyzing all that data. Next thing I know, I am all done with the most tedious part of my task! I can see this as perfect for writers, students, entrepreneurs, computer and desk workers for sure. When you take a good supplement like this, you just zone into your work and that extra little bit makes all the difference.

This pill is not cheap, but I found that you really do get what you pay for if you purchase Addtabz. If you are used to spending $5-$10 at Starbucks, then a couple days and hours of extra productivity is going to be totally worth it for much less is totally worth it!

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Customer Reviews Addtabz Side Effects

Yeeha, folks. I got over my first week of Addtabz and after that crapstorm of side effects, I love them.

When I first started I read loads of Addtabz feedback from users. I got a delicate system, and I was lead to believe that these would be a walk in the park. So, the positive testimonials made me feel confidant enough to order my multi month supply online of my OTC fix.

Then the first week happened. Oh god, that SUCKED. Right off the bat, my stomach felt off for 4 or 5 days. I couldn’t digest properly (if you know what I am saying). I lost weight, felt uncomfortable, and didn’t want to ever take these pills again. But having spent a chunk of money on them, I decided to try it one more time. I set myself up on something easy to digest and lots of water before taking the Addtabz. This time the indigestion wasn’t an issue, but this time I got some strong headaches, about 3 out of 7 nights in the second week. This really sucked, I was irritable, anxious and not happy.

OK, so not so bad. I started the 3rd week and then my body started to adjust to the product and I wasn’t having any more bad or negative side effects. In fact, all the positive reviews that I read on Addtabz, before ordering them online, started to make sense. I had more energy, concentration, focus and alertness. I get more work done, with less procrastination and concentrated effort.

Work is less boring and trivial, tasks just flow quickly and at the end of the day I felt good and accomplished. I’m totally motivated by this feeling. Before I felt lazy and unproductive, now I am just on a roll thanks to the Addtabz. So, lesson here: Take it slow, and Addtabz could really work for you.

Good luck!!!

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Non-Prescription Addtabz for Focus and Studying

I can’t focus on work and study for any serious amount of time. As soon as I sit down in front of my text book, it seems within minutes I am looking around, at my phone, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. The rest of the world is just so darn interesting, it literally begs you to stop studying. Why read, when the rest of the non-texbook world is so interesting?

It’s been such a problem that, I have failed and dropped out classes because of this. I don’t have ADHD or diagnosed brain problems anything, according to tests I have taken, but I simply can’t train my mind to focus. Even though I felt so guilty running through my parents money for classes, nothing changed. Even when I have started paying for my own classes, I couldn’t change.

So, complaining enough, my friend gave me the rest of her bottle of her Addtabz. She said she didn’t want to build up a tolerance, but that she liked them when she was on them. I liked them a lot at first, and that first week I was like a superstar. After that effect faded quite a bit, as I got used to and spoiled with their effects. At the same time, I raised up my dosage of this natural adhd alternative drug. It seems to really be working still for my ADHD like study behaviors.

Pricing. I was sticker shocked when I came on here to buy AddTabz. I thought they would be cheaper, because that my friend gave me a half a bottle without blinking an eye. Regardless, I still place my order, because addtabz seems to be the one thing that allows me to study, without pulling my hair out.

Phentabz Ingredients – Main & Active Ingredient List

With its patented Ampheta-HCL formula, PhenTabz by Gentech Pharmaceutical has been picking up steam and popularity for its ability to aid weight loss and act as an effective over the counter phentermine replacement. Its main ingreidents and proprietary formula as been shown in customers reviews and success stories to drastically aid weight loss and fat loss when compared to similar products. Below are some of the main and active phentabz ingredients that is helping this supplement to be one of the more popular new weight loss products to recently come out:

  • Octopamine – Also known as β,4-dihydroxyphenethylamine in the weight loss industry, octopamine has been shown to provide a clean and lasting energy enhancement. It is popular in a variety of the most effective diet and weight loss pills and has been researched extensively for its ability to help mobilize and release fats from their cells. It is a naturally occurring ingredient that has been standardized for maximum weight loss potential. Similar to norepinephrine, influences the adrenergic and dopaminergic body systems as well.
  • 1, 3, 7 Trimethylxanthine T6 – Also known as pharmaceutical grade caffeine, it is a popular stimulant, appetite suppressant and works synergistically with the other ingredients to enhance the over fat burning and releasing effect.
  • Methylhexaneamine – Also known as DMAA and 1,3-dimethylamylamine, it has been a proven and known weight reducer for quite some time. It has been banned in some products and countries already. Through a thermogenic, stimulating and fat releasing effect DMAA has helped many people lose unwanted fat deposits. It was originally made as a nasal decongestant and was later found to be a truly effective weight loss aid when Ephedrine, another popular fat loss product was baned.

The proprietary Ampheta HCL formula from Gentech Pharmaceutical has been helping tons of people to effectively and more easily lose unwanted pounds, for more information on Phentabz prices, if it will really work for you, its ingredient profile and effectiveness, please follow the link below

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Compare Phentabz Vs Phentermine: Side Effects & Versus

What is Phentermine – Uses, Side Effects, Prescription

Phentermine is used medically to aid in weight loss through its various mechanisms of action and its ability to be a potent appetite suppressant. It is similar to an amphetamine and affects the central nervous system and mimics the release of adrenalin in the body causing a variety of negative and desired effects to the user. It has been shown to have many serious side effects however and can quite easily cause a dependence and addiction in the user. The product has been banned due to its ability to create health complications and leaves a great gap for people that enjoyed its positive effects and can no longer acquire it legally. Phentabz was made as a more natural otc phentermine alternative for those people that still want to enjoy the positive benefits it could produce for weight loss.

In some countries you can still get phentermine or similar products like addtabz, phen375 and phentabz rx, while in others you are required to have a valid prescription and medical condition to acquire it. People should check with their doctors before starting any product similar to phentamine or phentabs, to address possible negative side effects, if it will work well for your body, and if you have any other possible health concerns to address. as with anything.

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What is Phentabz? Over the counter, side effects

Phentabz was designed to be an alternative to phentermine in its ability to aid in weight loss. It comes with a cheaper price tag than the illegal prescription and a host of health advantages. While the two products vary in many ways, comparing PhenTabz vs phentermine provides a host of benefits to Phentabz including over the counter availability, more natural and legal ingredients the diminishing of the serious physical, cardiovascular, addictive properties and other negative side effects. Its chemical formula is much safer and presents an effective and legal over the counter alternative. It is intended to be used along with proper nutrition, physical activity and behavioral modifications to result in effective and sustainable weight and fat loss. User reviews and reports point to a bunch of positive benefits and results while reporting drastically less negative physiological and psychological side effects to that of phentermine. The most common problems associated with this product include headache, nausea, troubles sleeping, greatly reduced appetite (a pro and a con for many people) and irritability. We will continue to monitor this product to look for any other or more serious adverse reactions reported by users, although it appears to be a very mild and safe product for use.

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Ampheta-HCL By Gentech: Review of Ampheta HCL in Phentabz

The proprietary formula that makes up the PhenTabz diet pills by Gentech Pharmaceutical is known as Ampheta-HCL. It was researched and developed by Gentech Laboratories to be a safe, legal, over the counter available and effective substitute for Phentermine. It is designed to help suppress appetite, aid in weight and fat loss, increase energy and to help increase focus and concentration in physical activity.

I have been using Ampheta HCL and Phentabz for a little over two months now and have seen significant and desirable changes to my body composition. I am a fairy active male that is try to slim down and lose weight (fat specifically) while maintaining the muscle mass I put on while bulking up (put on a lot a fat alongside muscle, now I need to trim down to give it a more visible effect)

Customer Reviews Here

I have tried many different diet pills like phentabz and solutions from the weightless and body building industry over the years and was turned onto this particular option after reading a thorough review on a blog run by a fitness competitor I know personally. He wasn’t endorsing it or hyping it up, but believed it to be a good solid product, and the positive and unbiased Ampheta HCL review he left (so many reviews are clearly fake, inflated and biased if real at all). I was sold enough when I usually am not easily, and ordered some online.

This has been one of my most successful fat trimming cut phases since I started lifting weights a couple years ago. I have gone through many cycles with lots of different products and without and I would have to say that appearance wise and the numbers prove that this is a solid product. There is still not a lot of info on it, but I will be spreading the word to my friends as it does really work. Give it a go if you’re trying to lose fat and maintain muscle and hopefully you will be as satisfied as me.