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Hard Work: Lost 15lbs | Phentabz Consumer Review

I never leave testimonials for products but I figured I would leave my quick thoughts and evaluation of Phentabz diet pills which I just finished so happened to finish a bottle of.

I was turned onto these by another reviewer’s testimonial I had read when I was looking for something to compliment a new workout and diet routine I had been planning to start – although very late after my original goal of New year’s lol!

It was a very honest review talking about how you can’t just use a fat burner or diet pill as an excuse to not work hard, and that in themselves most do contribute to weight loss and calorie burn, but the real magic is in their ability to compliment and bring out the best of other aspects of long term, healthy and manageable change.

I busted my ass in the gym and there was a HUGE difference when I was taking my phentabz weigh loss pills then when I was not. I was sweating more, working harder, working longer and feeling better about myself which motivated me to get back to the gym as soon as possible. They are a supercharger and booster if you will in that sense but don’t directly themselves contribute to huge or maintainable weight loss. You got to put in the work and they will be a catalyst that helps if you will.

Very pleased with both myself and this product and will definitely buy Phentabz again and would recommend them to my friends, about the best testament I can give a product honestly because who wants to disappoint their friends or waste their hard earned cash with a testimonial or suggestion. Good luck people, work hard and you can meet your diet and body goals in no time!