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What is PhenRx? It’s here at long last, a product of NexGen BioLabs Inc; PhenRx is an amazing slimming supplement that comes in form of diet pills. This non-prescription dietary supplement is known for its powerful weight loss formula. It is supplied in a bottle of 60 easy to swallow pills that last for one month. PhenRx is the perfect product for someone who might have tried different products in the past with little or no success. It contains a wide range of stimulant ingredients that work together to bring desirable outcomes amongst users. This product is formulated to boost energy levels of users and enhance their moods in the course of weight loss.

Does PhenRx Work?

Nearly everyone who has tried out PhenRx has some positive attributes to associate the dietary supplement with. Clinically proven to contain healthy and effective weight loss ingredients, this product has been observed to achieve desirable outcomes amongst its users. Specially formulated to achieve hassles weight loss, PhenRx helps users shed off unnecessary pounds of flesh in a considerably short span of time. What’s more, it increases sleep quality and effectively handle high cortisol levels; hormones that are responsible for continued fat storage especially around the abdomen. So the outright answer is YES’. It works for most users with the least of side effects.

How does it really work?

PhenRx achieves its effective weight loss action through a series of complex strategies and processes. For one, it ensures significant suppression of one’s cravings which is the major cause of unnecessary weight gain. Compared to the other hyped diet pills, it reduces one’s appetite by twice the normal level; a characteristic that makes it achieve the desirable effects. With a reduced appetite, it is easier working on the weight loss as no more fat gain is in question.

PhenRx also ensures weight loss by targeting some fatty areas like skin cellulite, stomach, thigh among others. It impedes fat storage in these areas and helps in shedding off excess fat that might have been stored in these specific locations. The potent ingredients found in PhenRx guarantees desirable outcomes when appropriately used as per the prescriptions. This product works best when taken once before lunch and the other pill taken just before dinner. It is effective when taken on an empty stomach so consider taking it before meals for better outcomes.

Why PhenRx and not the other diet pills?

There are many reasons for preferring this effective dietary supplement over the other common weight loss. Using this product comes with lots of benefits that everyone would out rightly desire. Among the several plus for PhenRx are;

  • Boosts energy and mental focus; using this product ensures that one remains energetic for most part of the day and therefore prevents starving which is commonly associated with the other weight loss products. During the period of usage, one is guaranteed maximum strength and unwavering metal focus.
  • It significantly reduces one’s Body Mass Index besides effective weight loss. As such, you are bound to remain healthy and not just shed off unnecessary pounds of flesh.
  • Clinically proven to be healthy and fit for use; several laboratory tests have confirmed that PhenRx is ideal for use with the least of side effects. As such, it is a better option that the other over the counter dietary supplements with no proven track record or lab reports.
  • Reliable Manufactures; Nexgen Biolabs Inc. is a pharmaceutical company that has been in place for over a decade; a time under which it has supplied its customers with authentic and effective health product. PhenRx is no exception so you can buy this product with the least of worries on safety and efficacy.

Are there any side effects of using PhenRx? – Despite its popularity and undeniable powerful weight loss formula, this product is associated with few side effects. For one, users might experience occasional sleeplessness during the early stages of usage. Nexgen has also confirmed that consistent use of PhenRx can result dry mouth, though for a limited period of time. Other possible side effects that might come along with the use of this dietary supplement are nausea, slight headaches and to an extent increased heartbeat. The truth is that very few patients if any experience these possible side effects. In fact, most of those who report such complaints have been associated with other heath conditions that don’t auger well with this product. Nevertheless, it is advisable to discontinue usage if symptoms persist beyond one week and subsequently seek advice from an authorized physician.

The main Ingredients of PhenRx – PhenRx constitutes a number ingredients that work together to ensure effective weight loss. Some of the leading components of PhenRx are;

  • 137 Trimethylxanthine; commonly known as caffeine, this component helps in weight loss by speeding up numerous metabolic processes.
  • Synephrine; this serves as a stimulant and moderately enhances the blood pressure of PhenRx user as a way of speeding up effective weight loss.
  • Hydroxy Phenylethylamine ; this naturally occurring trace element from tyrosine amino acid also helps in achieving weight loss by speeding up metabolic reactions in the body. As a result, more fats are burnt down leading to favourable and hassles loss of weight among PhenRx users.
  • Yohimbine HCL; it is also part of this product and ensures that one remains active and full of energy. As such cravings for light and fast foods are lost; a condition that works perfectly well for the weight loss process.
  • Beta Phenylethylamine; to most people, it is known as PEA. This active ingredient brings about enhanced stimulation of brain chemical like serotonin and dopamine which are responsible for increasing the body’s metabolic rates. As such, more calories are burnt up leading to effective weight loss in a considerable span of time.

PhenRx vs Phentermine

Phentermine is one of the weight loss products that have been in the market for quite some time. Compared to Phentermine, PhenRx has less serious side effects that are unlikely to come by. Several clients who have had experiences with Phentermine lodge several complaints like consistent insomnia and high blood pressure; characteristics that are rarely associated with PhenRx. In addition, Phentermine cannot be used among pregnant mother and those with health conditions such as diabetes. Also known as Adipex, this product contains certain ingredients that are not present in PhenRx. These achieve faster results but with higher health risks which might even result to hypertension. Nevertheless, it is relatively cheaper as compared to PhenRx as it goes for less than $20 in most outlets and stores globally.

PhenRx vs Phen Tabz

Phen Tabz is yet another favorable competitor of the effective PhenRx. These products have greater similarities and achieve their weight loss effect in more or less the same way. Just like PhenRx, Phen Tabz suppresses users’ appetite and increase body metabolism. The difference comes in the price where Phen Tabz goes for close to $70 as opposed to the former which only cost $45 or even less. This makes PhenRx more preferable among the middle income class who are the major customers. Moreover, most of the desirable effects of Phen Tabz are not substantiated by reliable evidence making it a bit risky for usage. Not many laboratory researches have been conducted on this product so it’s a better option going for the clinically proven option of PhenRx. The ingredient list of Phen Tabz comprises several components that have not been known to actively achieve significant weight loss. This makes PhenRx a better option by all means.

Real User Reviews; 1st Client

‘Hassles Weight loss Formula ‘

’After five years of trying out different weight loss formulas, I had given up on ever shedding off a few pounds. Then my colleague at the office came up with this PhenRx idea. To be honest, I was very reluctant and it took her close to three weeks to convince that it was worth giving PhenRx a try. I finally gave in, not because I had hopes of achieving effective weight loss but because of her persistence and continued nagging action. I didn’t know a huge step I was taking into a world of slim figure and elegant body; one that I wouldn’t dare step out of right now. As soon as I had the drug in my custody, I started the dosage.

What was first evident was a robust boost of energy; a condition that worked quite well for my cravings. I barely felt hungry at work and as such, cut down on fast foods that had become part and parcel of my daily diet. My appetite immediately reduced; something that took me by great surprise. Six days after usage, I realized seven pounds weight loss and was so impressed. Ever since, I have not stopped using this wonderful diet supplement. I’m now into my fourth week of usage and I have shed off over twenty pounds. I am so glad that my friend introduced me to this product; one that I owe my happiness and unwavering self-confidence to. It’s not only about weight loss as I have regained my perfect slim figure that I have always longed for. I have since then suggested it to my uncle who is obese. He is yet to receive the batch and I’m confident the results will be similar if not better. If you are out for effective weight loss with no hassles involved, try out PhenRx you are less likely to get disappointed.’’

Real User Reviews; 2nd Customer

Super Effective and Recommendable’

’I am a working husband and father of two. When I first heard about PhenRx, I had a strong opinion that it was like the rest of the ineffective dietary pills that people have used in a bid to achieve weight loss. Nevertheless I opted to give it a try after persuasions by my wife who was very uncomfortable with my obese condition. So I went ahead and made an order from Amazon. I started the dosage as soon as I set my hands on it, eager to see the results. The truth is, I was never disappointed as the favorable outcomes become evident barely a week after using PhenRx. It all started with a slight reduction in my cravings for night snacks; something that had now become part of me.

After a week, I decided to hit the weighing scale and I was not disappointed. I had lost nine pounds in just seven days! It is my third week of usage and I have no plans of terminating usage. For all the period that I have used this product, I can’t remember experiencing any side effect except for a slight nausea that came by within the first few days of use. Honestly, I am grateful for this product as it has restored my happiness as a family man. My wife has since then become supportive and more loving; thanks to PhenRx. As such, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this diet supplement to anyone out there who might be experiencing any difficulties with weight loss.’’

Where can one buy PhenRx Online?

It’s no secret that online shopping platform is taking the world by a huge storm and as such many customers prefer internet shopping for many products. PhenRx is yet one of those products that present their customers with the ideal opportunity of shopping online as it can also be ordered directly from the manufacturer’s website. Currently, this is the only internet platform stocking this effective weight loss supplement.

Which major landmark stores sell PhenRx?

As aforementioned, PhenRx is currently available only at the manufacturer’s website. As such, none of the renowned landmark stores stock this product. It is therefore ideal to source genuine PhenRx from the manufacturer’s website.

Best PhenRx Deals

Despite the overwhelming demand of this great product,the manufacturers have maintained their pocket friendly price tags which favor most clients. At the website, you are bound to save a few dollars as they offer better deals and greater discounts which would out rightly go down well with any willing client. Depending on your order details, you can have up to 20% discount if you opt to make the purchases at the manufacturer website. At the website, you are also guaranteed genuine PhenRx tablets giving you all the reasons to consider making your purchases here.