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PhenTabz Canada Review

Hello from Canada! I have let myself get slightly overweight between school stress, a desk job for a career, and being a competitive online gamer. I decided enough was enough and that I wan’t to be in the best shape possible for all those beautiful Canadian university women. I picked up P90X and PhenTabz diet pills and started a new boring but bearable diet about a month ago.

I quickly lost 20lbs in about 5 weeks, something I didn’t even know was possible for me before. I obviously can’t give all the credit to PhenTabz but I am SURE that it has really boosted my fat loss results alongside the exercise and dietary changes I have made from a pretty sedantiary lifestyle.

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What I can say for sure is that this product gives me an enormous amount of energy. There was about a 3 day period where I didn’t take them and I could really feel the difference, I was unmotivated and had no energy to do the p90x videos on those 3 days. As soon as I started to take them again I was all fired up and started to crush the routine like never before.

The weight and fat loss of these diet pills is twofold in that respect. It has a fat mobilizing and thermogenic (increased temperature resulting in greater calories burnt at rest) but where I found it to really shine was in its ability to kick my butt, and make me actually want to get off the couch and do something to help me expend all the extra energy. It also really helps you focus and stay concentrated in your workouts, something I have never had discipline with in my other attempts to get in shape and lose weight.

Highly recommended for those lazy people and couch potatoes out there, it will kick your ass and make you want to get up and do things you would normally be procrastinating on indefinitely lol.

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