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Gentech’s Ampheta-CDP Reviewed, Evaluated and Reported on

I am a health nut who will try any herbs, supplements, pills and products that can help me with my fitness, work, education or goals. I go through so many, I rarely leave a review for a pill or product unless they are spectacular, especially for lesser known products. I had read several positive Ampheta-CDP reviews from users online before I decided to buy a couple bottles, so I am returning the favor.

So, I have tried several similar products. The first thing that stood out for me with this one was that it lasted for a long time compared to AdderRX, Addieup, and Profiderall. I would say the majority of these products seem to wear off in a good 2-3 hours after your last dosage and then slowly tapers off. Addtabs however seems to stay in full effect for 4-5 hours and this was great. I liked to split two dosages a day and never 3 because the 3rd would keep me up at night (sleeplessness, weight loss and insomnia when I would take 3x a day was the only negative side effect I experienced, maybe an upset stomach the first time too)

Compared to these others, AddTabz kept its own in its ability to keep you focused and on task. I had to pump out a report for next week’s sales meeting and it took me half the time it normally does. I was less frustrated while creating graphs and charts and then analyzing all that data. Next thing I know, I am all done with the most tedious part of my task! I can see this as perfect for writers, students, entrepreneurs, computer and desk workers for sure. When you take a good supplement like this, you just zone into your work and that extra little bit makes all the difference.

This pill is not cheap, but I found that you really do get what you pay for if you purchase Addtabz. If you are used to spending $5-$10 at Starbucks, then a couple days and hours of extra productivity is going to be totally worth it for much less is totally worth it!

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