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Addtabz Customer Review

I have received a couple of comments lately from people that have decided to buy addtabz online after my personal review. They are sharing their experiences and seem to have had similar positive results. Here is another 2014 Addtabz review for those of you still on the fence of whether you want to purchase it or not. Again I still don’t know of anywhere to order it in stores, but the main site seems to have a discount coupon active at the time of the writing.


The Latest AddTabz Review

It’s been a day since my bottle of AddTabz has arrived, which I ordered though the website. I started with one pill before work. Soon I experienced a little hike in productivity. Then I took second pill early, just out of desperation to have complete effect of the medication. But after 20 minutes, I felt heaviness at one side of my head and slight headache. But that is probably due to relaxation of blood vessel caused by this product. Well that’s what I thought! On the brighter side of it, I had elevated levels of energy and productivity and experience great concentration at work, even with the headache, remembering every word people said to me.

But my concern about the headache was still in my mind. Then I realised that I actually washed down extra dosage of the product which is too much for a small person like me. I rushed into things and took two pills because of which I suffered from head ache. I guess that this supplement is made for people with a heavy built, at least heavier than me! Until my body gets used to this product, I will take only one pill per day. Nevertheless, I love this product and would purchase addtabz as an adderall alternative again once my body is used to it, I will keep you all updated.

Weight Loss with Addtabz and Where To Buy

I love this product! I was just looking to re-order my Addtabz when I saw all these consumer evaluation and wanted to take a moment to share mine. Outside of my vitamins, I am not a big pill taker, but several of my college friends recommended these to help me study with the added benefit of weight loss. Now that the allure of college has died down, and the Freshmen 15+ are coming up, I was really struggling!

Studying wise these things definitely do give you an edge. I was starting to get bored, lazy and unfocused at school, but taking these, I definitely noticed the difference in my ability to study and focus.

Weight Loss with Addtabz and Where To Buy

It’s the same effect I got from coffee or energy drinks, but without all the calories and indigestion. I have the same edge as before, but now better. I am able to pay attention longer and be less distracted. (Ok, it doesn’t help I am always connected to my iPhone and ipad, but I am so much more improved!)

Also, I noticed the difference when I forget to take my morning Addtabz dose so much that I now no longer forget. I take my vitamins at the same time, too, so now I remember to take them all together. Score!

You also do lose weight with Addtabz as a few other reviews have pointed out. Researching more into this, I think it has to do with the DMAA ingredient of Ampheta CDP. I read some studies and know it’s a popular ingredient in the current weight loss supplement market. It might be getting banned though so I don’t know how long this formula will be available for purchase. Time to stock up.

The product is great (minus the fact I cant find stores where its sold grrr) and the only downsides are that it’s a bit expensive for a cash strapped student and you really can’t find Addtabz in stores like CVS, GNC, walmart, or the other common ones. I don’t particularly like ordering online but my experience ordering from Gentech wasn’t bad at all. Overall a solid product I would give an 8 out of 10 rating.

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