What Stores Sell Phentabz? CVS, GNC, Amazon, Walgreens?

cvs, gnc, amazon, walgreens Hey! So my friend was on a huge diet kick for her new year’s resolution and actually smashed her goal and is looking absolutely great. She never told anyone she was using any help or weight loss supplements but after a night of drinking wine she told me that she had actually been using phentabs diet pills all along as a weight loss supplement and fat burner (don’t know why she was ashamed or hid that from everyone lol)

She absolutely loved it when I drilled her asking if it really worked for weight loss or not or if it was just a tiny bit of the hard work she put it. She loved it so much she actually got a 6 month supply to save a bunch of money and since she had met her goal gave me her remaining bottle to try out (I’m not fat but definitely could lose the love handles!!

I really did love the product too, I didn’t lose much weight on it because I was still eating and drinking all the time, but there was definitely some easy pounds lost and I absolutely loved the energy and drive it gave me for 4-5 hours after taking it.

Summer is coming up now and I made a goal to lose an extra 5lbs and tone up before summer and I really want to get my hands on these pills again. I have tried calling a bunch of retail stores locally, like CVS, GNC, Walgreens and the like, but it doesn’t seem like anyone is carrying this product in stores in Utah? Does anyone know where you can find or get Phentabz here? I just read other phentabz reviews claiming they saw it at CVS and GNC, but from what I can find its only available for purchase online at the companies store and off a seller on Amazon but the price is more expensive.

I’d love to get my hands on these this weekend and not have to wait for shipping and such and I don’t really like using my credit card online.

If you know which stores sell phentabz or have any tips on this weight loss pill please shoot me a quick email at janey21@gmail.com! Thanks, and I’ll try and remember to leave my own before and after pics and phentabz review on this site after I melt those 5 pounds of fatty love handles away hehehe


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