Unbiased Testimonial for Phentabz | Side Effects, Safety & Results

testimonial for phentabz I began a 2 month weight loss log with phentabz and journey to get ready for a high school reunion, the first couple of phentabz weeks were great and the scale was moving down every couple of days or so, but then after about 2 weeks I plateaued and decided to add a fat burner for help. I heard about this Phentermine alternative from co-worker who had used it with success and decided to give it a shot after hearing her own unbiased review and reading a few other good things about it.

When I started the Gentech’s phentabz weight loss pills I was 154lbs and after 1 month on them I am down to about 133lbs (give or take a pound for water fluctuation) I really did push myself in the gym and watched what I ate but I also give credit to the fat burning pills as well, as they supplied a lot of the appetite suppression needed to follow my strict diet, and the energy boost needed to drag my lazy ass out into the gym on those cold lethargic mornings.

Side Effects & Safety with this fat burner:

When I first started these I hated how restless I was. I had to be moving all the time and just felt like I was in GO MODE, no rest or relaxation feeling even into the evening. I had headaches a few times but I am going to chalk that up to a combination of my body adjusting to eating a whole lot less sugar and getting my insulin levels all balanced out. My pulse and resting heart rate got a little bit high, so as another customer phentabz review suggested perhaps it is best to know your full medical situation and talk to a doctor before starting a product as potent and stimulating as Phen Tabz by Gentech. Besides that and after a week there was no negative side effects to report where I am usually quite sensitive to supplements like this.

My Before & After Results

About 1 month after I had bought Phentabz and started taking them I had already lost about 20lbs. Diet was clean and I was on the treadmill approx. 3.5 hours a week at a decent pace with some daily 30minute walks. I would have to say that this quite the strong pill and if you are serious about losing fat fast and committed to keeping your exercise, diet and supplementation in order, that this could be a great investment for you. Good luck all, I’m off to my reunion next week in my brand new skinny clothes woohooo!


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