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With so many sham weight loss and fat loss pills over the years, most consumers including myself (and I research and have reasons to see potential in them!) just laugh off the newer otc supplements. There is the potential for a company to make a truly great product, the science and research is done and we know how to increase, inhibit, release, and otherwise manipulate fat stores in our bodies with compounds and actions that can be supplemented.

So what makes a great pill work? So what makes buying Phenrx weight loss pills any different and where does this new Nexgenbiolabs “fenphentamine hcl” proprietary really stand?

How Does PhenRx really Work?

Most diet pills usually work with a main ingredient and a main method of action (i.e.: raise the body temperature to expend more calories at rest)

The main and active Phenrx ingredients making up its Fenphentamine ingredient profile suggest several different mechanisms of actions.

Strong Pharmaceutical grade ingredients such as:

  • Yohimbe HCL
  • Synephrine HCL
  • Shizandrol A
  • N-dimethyl-4-hydroxyphenylethylamine
  • Beta-Phenrylethylaline
  • Caffeine Andryhous

Suggest a very STRONG pill that works on known actions such as thermogenesis, appetite reduction, central nervous system stimulation, and hormone (related to fat storage and placement) re-balancing. A look over this ingredient profile and I would urge any individual without a clean bill of health to first check with their doctor to make sure this product isn’t too strong from them. Diabetics, people with breathing problems, liver/kidney function or heart conditions should definitely talk to their doctor about these very strong fat loss active ingredients.

Are there happy PhenRX reviews & testimonials?

Quite a few actually. I was surprised at the volume of Phenrx customer reviews and testimonials already. The product is relatively new and from not the best known brand in the world so I thought perhaps it would take a while to catch on ((the best weight loss products always start from unknown’s then boom quickly into popularity through word of mouth, such as the reviews of phenrx. They are also of a majority positive overall reputation… that isn’t to say their isn’t a negative review or two about it as no product is perfect and each person reacts differently. It has received an overall rating of 4.11/5 as of the time of writing based on 200 costumer reviews with over 50 5/5 stars reviews and the majority of reviews being 4/5 stars.

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How does it Compare to Phen375?

Phen375 is another Phentermine alternative that is very popular among people trying to lose weight. They have both had their fair share of success stories and people that think they are just scams, so it’s difficult to give a solid answer as to which one is better. Their ingredient lists are completely different, The only overlapping ingredient in both is caffeine.

Where to Purchase PhenRX in stores?

A quick call around my city I was unable any stores selling phenrx in stores locally and looking online there aren’t that many vendors carrying it yet. I did phone and talk to the company and they told me that they expect and hope to have PhenRX in CVS, GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger, at the other known drug and supplement chains very soon. But for now the suggested option was to purchase direct from Nexgen as that ensure the highest quality, freshest product and cheapest prices free from any markup as some sellers on Phenrx Amazon third party sellers have been doing.

Will you be able to buy Phenrx in CVS, GNC, Walgreens, etc?

As mentioned above the company expects you to be able to buy phenrx for the best price in stores such as Walmart, walgreens, cvs, gnc, and other big drug and supplement store chains in the upcoming months.

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PhenRx Fenphentamine Customer Review

I decided to buy Phenrx weight loss pills after a coworker of mine had some really great results with them. She was noticeably thinner and people started commenting and gossiping that she must me be on a pretty big crash diet to be getting those kind of results so quickly. She was already much more fit than me and I decided to ask her what was up.

She had also heard about them from someone else and decided she wanted to get rid of her last couple stubborn pounds that her exercise and diet regime wasn’t quite taking care of.

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She told me where to buy phenrx online and I ordered up 2 bottles to try and get rid of 20 lbs that have been nagging me for a start and hopefully ride the results and momentum into a new diet, lifestyle and exercise regimen to get healthier and fit into some old clothes.

I have been reviewing Phen RX for about 2 weeks now while writing a journal on its results. I will post a full on journal and review of the product when I’m done but noticed this website when googling other peoples before and after results and decided to give a quick update.
In 2 weeks I have lost 10lbs. This does include eating much healthier and eliminating late night snacking and switching up water for all other drinks so that might be a bit more drastic than average results. Also many people should realize that the first 10 days are usually much more drastic as your body sheds a lot of water weight with dietary changes.

I expect the weight and fat loss to slow down to a more respectable 2-3 pounds a week from 5 but so far I am loving them.

My online negative side effect with phenrx and its Fenphentamine hcl active ingredient has been slight insomnia at nights and an upset stomach a few times which also may be do to the fact i am changing up my diet.

I will try and post a more detailed review in the coming weeks but for now figured I’d give my first impression and two thumbs for others looking online like me for peoples experiences and results. Good luck to all! – Tammy

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