Addtabz Customer Review

I have received a couple of comments lately from people that have decided to buy addtabz online after my personal review. They are sharing their experiences and seem to have had similar positive results. Here is another 2014 Addtabz review for those of you still on the fence of whether you want to purchase it or not. Again I still don’t know of anywhere to order it in stores, but the main site seems to have a discount coupon active at the time of the writing.


The Latest AddTabz Review

It’s been a day since my bottle of AddTabz has arrived, which I ordered though the website. I started with one pill before work. Soon I experienced a little hike in productivity. Then I took second pill early, just out of desperation to have complete effect of the medication. But after 20 minutes, I felt heaviness at one side of my head and slight headache. But that is probably due to relaxation of blood vessel caused by this product. Well that’s what I thought! On the brighter side of it, I had elevated levels of energy and productivity and experience great concentration at work, even with the headache, remembering every word people said to me.

But my concern about the headache was still in my mind. Then I realised that I actually washed down extra dosage of the product which is too much for a small person like me. I rushed into things and took two pills because of which I suffered from head ache. I guess that this supplement is made for people with a heavy built, at least heavier than me! Until my body gets used to this product, I will take only one pill per day. Nevertheless, I love this product and would purchase addtabz as an adderall alternative again once my body is used to it, I will keep you all updated.

PhenRx Fenphentamine Customer Review

I decided to buy Phenrx weight loss pills after a coworker of mine had some really great results with them. She was noticeably thinner and people started commenting and gossiping that she must me be on a pretty big crash diet to be getting those kind of results so quickly. She was already much more fit than me and I decided to ask her what was up.

She had also heard about them from someone else and decided she wanted to get rid of her last couple stubborn pounds that her exercise and diet regime wasn’t quite taking care of.

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She told me where to buy phenrx online and I ordered up 2 bottles to try and get rid of 20 lbs that have been nagging me for a start and hopefully ride the results and momentum into a new diet, lifestyle and exercise regimen to get healthier and fit into some old clothes.

I have been reviewing Phen RX for about 2 weeks now while writing a journal on its results. I will post a full on journal and review of the product when I’m done but noticed this website when googling other peoples before and after results and decided to give a quick update.
In 2 weeks I have lost 10lbs. This does include eating much healthier and eliminating late night snacking and switching up water for all other drinks so that might be a bit more drastic than average results. Also many people should realize that the first 10 days are usually much more drastic as your body sheds a lot of water weight with dietary changes.

I expect the weight and fat loss to slow down to a more respectable 2-3 pounds a week from 5 but so far I am loving them.

My online negative side effect with phenrx and its Fenphentamine hcl active ingredient has been slight insomnia at nights and an upset stomach a few times which also may be do to the fact i am changing up my diet.

I will try and post a more detailed review in the coming weeks but for now figured I’d give my first impression and two thumbs for others looking online like me for peoples experiences and results. Good luck to all! – Tammy

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I heard about Phenrx from a friend at work and she was definitely looking thinner from week to week so I decided to make it a part of my New Year’s resolution for 2017.

I have tried many weight loss and diet pills and fads in the past and have never really had any luck before ordering my first bottle of phenrx online, but have made up my mind this time to developed healthy habits and patterns to keep the weight off after the in initial diet, supplement and fat loss period.

Beside drinking 3-4 times water and trying to park further away from the doors at stores and work, I have made no major lifestyle changes, maintainable, for a month while taking regular phenrx doses and have lost 15 pounds in 30 days.

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In fairness I had quite a bit of extra weight to lose but have tried tons of similar weight loss medication alternatives like hydroxycut, phen375, phentermine, Phentramin-d and the likes but none of them gave me quite the same results.

Side Effects

I don’t like diet pills because I usually get side effects like headaches, insomnia, anxiety, jitters/shaking and weird sweating problems. I’m pleased to report that Phen RX was really mild in this department, with only 2 headaches at the beginning that went away decently fast (although it seems much longer) and they never recurred. Probably my body adjusting to one of the stimulants or ingredients in Fenphentamine HCL formula.


Results with only minor changes. The fact I lost 15 lbs. in 30 days without many dietary or fitness changes is great. Increased water and physical activity a bit and probably made healthier snack choices subconsciously.

Slight Appetite Suppression. Perhaps this had something to do with it too now that i think of it. I never really remember having my salt or sweet cravings, something that usually hits me by mid-day, funny you don’t really notice this after a while.

NO upset stomach or shakiness. I hated the side effects of shakiness and anxiety with other strong weight loss pills. It was just horrible trying to function at work like that, combined with low blood sugar from a diet and you just want to run.

Price vs results. I am happy with the cost of the product and the results it gave at a normal dosage. I guess everyone wants everything to be cheaper but compared to the other products I’ve tried it is very fair.


The headache side effect that I mentioned above, while not crippling or disorientating, was enough to make me not want to do my daily chores and caused me to treat my husband and childlike crap for a couple hours. So glad this side effect went away fast, as I read in another’s review of phenrx, can’t even imagine having recurring migraines like so many.

Availability: When I first ordered PhenRx online they were out of stock until the next day. I guess this isn’t really the products fault and they have probably learned how to stock up to keep track of spikes in demand on such a potent product, but still annoying when you see the not in stock option while shopping, and actually enough to make you go and buy something else together.

Buying Online / In Stores: Staying on the subject of availability, it would be nice (I do like to online shop) for people to be able to purchase Phenrx in stores like Walmart, CVS, GNC, and those kind of places. I know a lot of my friends would be interested in this product but they aren’t very computer literate people to do the ordering online.

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Will definitely be ordering a second bottle. I was on my way to do that and found this site and figured I’d leave a quick review of phenrx to help those considering it. I don’t leave reviews often or ever that I can remember but can highly recommend this to people that need it or have been looking for a potent pill without the negative potent side effects.

Zanaprin is a supplement made to facilitate relief from stress and anxiety. It does so with gentle ingredients without side effects, Consequently it precludes chances of having sleepless nights and also reduces panic attacks it is said to improve one’s clarity of mind as well. Zanaprin is packaged in a bottle that contains about 30 tablets and it costs about 49$ when sold on the internet, although there are usually coupons available.
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Personally, I was afraid that because of the nature of the activities I am involved in and the effects thereof like a lot of work stress and anxiety, I would develop heart disease. I needed a more natural and herbal supplement than medications, I therefore purchased Zanaprin through the online manufacturer’s website and it is the best supplement I ever used. Others say it never worked for them but to me it works well and though it costs a lot, the results are incredible and I do not think I will stop using Zanaprin any time soon. It has made me feel my life is worth living and now I can enjoy each day with my family. Actually what made, or rather influenced, me to consider ordering this product is the online reviews that I read and directed me on where to get Zanaprin for the best deal.

I love Zanaprin because it contains many natural ingredients and I do not need a prescription to use it. I think its probably the best over the counter anxiety pill after doing a lot of research. This makes it easier for me to get it and makes me feel it’s a safer product. Furthermore, I have not experienced any side effect after using it. In fact, it is applauded for not having serious side effects. I have also come to realize that it is not only effective but it is also fast and safe to take. I enjoy my nights with little or minimal anxiety of what awaits me tomorrow. I therefore have the ability to subject everything in to control and be calm.

It is about 6 months since I began using this product and I am yet to read any clinical research that discourages the use of this product. Plus, even though it is not a completely herbal product, it has natural elements thus making it suitable for me. I am skeptical about many drugs that are prescribed to me by the doctor. This product, initially I thought would be addictive but months down the line I find no signs of addictions in me. If you are having troubles with depression and other remedies are yet to offer you some help try Zanaprin. Who knows, just like me it may be your alternative remedy solution!


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