Non-Prescription Addtabz for Focus and Studying

I can’t focus on work and study for any serious amount of time. As soon as I sit down in front of my text book, it seems within minutes I am looking around, at my phone, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. The rest of the world is just so darn interesting, it literally begs you to stop studying. Why read, when the rest of the non-texbook world is so interesting?

It’s been such a problem that, I have failed and dropped out classes because of this. I don’t have ADHD or diagnosed brain problems anything, according to tests I have taken, but I simply can’t train my mind to focus. Even though I felt so guilty running through my parents money for classes, nothing changed. Even when I have started paying for my own classes, I couldn’t change.

So, complaining enough, my friend gave me the rest of her bottle of her Addtabz. She said she didn’t want to build up a tolerance, but that she liked them when she was on them. I liked them a lot at first, and that first week I was like a superstar. After that effect faded quite a bit, as I got used to and spoiled with their effects. At the same time, I raised up my dosage of this natural adhd alternative drug. It seems to really be working still for my ADHD like study behaviors.

Pricing. I was sticker shocked when I came on here to buy AddTabz. I thought they would be cheaper, because that my friend gave me a half a bottle without blinking an eye. Regardless, I still place my order, because addtabz seems to be the one thing that allows me to study, without pulling my hair out.