Finally something that worked for me and something I can review positively!! I have always struggled with weight and it really hurt me and depressed me all throughout high school and university. I am not really an insecure girl but on the weight and body image side of things I really did struggle and spent a whole lot of time more anxious and conscience of myself then I really care to admit. It sucks being a female sometimes and people can be very rude, harsh and insensitive.

I have a medical condition that makes gaining weight really easy and to feel judged for being slightly overweight sucks when it is not under your direct control. I have been able to lose some unnecessary pounds over the last couple months and then actually keep them off this time, which is something I have been trying to do for 6 years.

I have tried tons of weight loss supplements and have left many negative reviews, but this one seemed to fit my body/metabolism the best so far for whatever reason or combination of them. The best part being the appetite suppression which is where I really struggle somewhat mindlessly and like a zombie reaching for food I shouldn’t be eating because of the constant hunger pangs. The Ampheta HCL ingredient really does make me eat a whole lot less and that is probably why I haven’t been putting back on the fatty pounds I worked so hard to lose in the gym, which was my frustration with everything else. I have been able to get to this goal weight several times before but not for long and I really do believe that Phentabz works and is the difference here.

I do have a before and after picture but I am going to wait another month to get more of the full effect. I will leave a follow up review of phentabz when I confirm 100% that it is working for me better and gives the longer results I have been looking for but just figured I’d leave a quick comment after finding this website looking for the cheapest prices to buy phentabz again online as I am going to do another cycle of them before maintenance.