I ordered some Phentabz on the recommendation of a friend who is a fitness junkie that had successfully used them to curb appetite and increase weight loss while trying to trim the extra fat before a fitness competition. She is pretty into weight loss supplements and seems to be well educated and experienced so I felt pretty comfortable ordering these even though they are not the cheapest and best known on the market.

I really liked the overall energy, mood and concentration boost that they gave me. Another review of PhenTabz said that they believe there is DMAA in the product which is a known focus enhancer and probably the part of the pill that I enjoyed the most… the pure and lasting ‘concentration’ I had when exercising. When I took these before going to the gym the quality of my workouts improved dramatically.

Decent Short Term Results | Customer PhenTabz Review

I was getting much done at a higher intensity and I believe that is really the key to life. It’s one thing to go to the gym and workout but the real question is what you are doing and how are you doing it. You can buy these pills and go to the gym 15 hours a week and dink around but someone else that goes there for 5 hours and works out 5 times harder or 5 times better / more educated is going to win out. In that sense the increased focus and discipline of this product is the true benefit to me and probably why I saw great weight loss results in a short time… my intensity and focus shifted and not only was I doing it harder, but I was doing it properly.

I would say to check out a solo bottle and see how it affects you. It was great for me but unless you’re willing to take advantage of the full effects and put in the work beside them, no diet pill is going to help. The slight extra calorie burn and fat mobilization will be outweighed by your new excuse of being lazy, so be smart if buy some PhenTabz and realize that the best part of them is the extra energy and concentration you can have for being a kick ass person!


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