Ampheta-HCL By Gentech: Review of Ampheta HCL in Phentabz

The proprietary formula that makes up the PhenTabz diet pills by Gentech Pharmaceutical is known as Ampheta-HCL. It was researched and developed by Gentech Laboratories to be a safe, legal, over the counter available and effective substitute for Phentermine. It is designed to help suppress appetite, aid in weight and fat loss, increase energy and to help increase focus and concentration in physical activity.

I have been using Ampheta HCL and Phentabz for a little over two months now and have seen significant and desirable changes to my body composition. I am a fairy active male that is try to slim down and lose weight (fat specifically) while maintaining the muscle mass I put on while bulking up (put on a lot a fat alongside muscle, now I need to trim down to give it a more visible effect)

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I have tried many different diet pills like phentabz and solutions from the weightless and body building industry over the years and was turned onto this particular option after reading a thorough review on a blog run by a fitness competitor I know personally. He wasn’t endorsing it or hyping it up, but believed it to be a good solid product, and the positive and unbiased Ampheta HCL review he left (so many reviews are clearly fake, inflated and biased if real at all). I was sold enough when I usually am not easily, and ordered some online.

This has been one of my most successful fat trimming cut phases since I started lifting weights a couple years ago. I have gone through many cycles with lots of different products and without and I would have to say that appearance wise and the numbers prove that this is a solid product. There is still not a lot of info on it, but I will be spreading the word to my friends as it does really work. Give it a go if you’re trying to lose fat and maintain muscle and hopefully you will be as satisfied as me.


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