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I have received a couple of comments lately from people that have decided to buy addtabz online after my personal review. They are sharing their experiences and seem to have had similar positive results. Here is another 2014 Addtabz review for those of you still on the fence of whether you want to purchase it or not. Again I still don’t know of anywhere to order it in stores, but the main site seems to have a discount coupon active at the time of the writing.


The Latest AddTabz Review

It’s been a day since my bottle of AddTabz has arrived, which I ordered though the website. I started with one pill before work. Soon I experienced a little hike in productivity. Then I took second pill early, just out of desperation to have complete effect of the medication. But after 20 minutes, I felt heaviness at one side of my head and slight headache. But that is probably due to relaxation of blood vessel caused by this product. Well that’s what I thought! On the brighter side of it, I had elevated levels of energy and productivity and experience great concentration at work, even with the headache, remembering every word people said to me.

But my concern about the headache was still in my mind. Then I realised that I actually washed down extra dosage of the product which is too much for a small person like me. I rushed into things and took two pills because of which I suffered from head ache. I guess that this supplement is made for people with a heavy built, at least heavier than me! Until my body gets used to this product, I will take only one pill per day. Nevertheless, I love this product and would purchase addtabz as an adderall alternative again once my body is used to it, I will keep you all updated.


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